Friday, October 29, 2010

Exam week means McD addicted

Exam and study week for this 3rd semester is the best part of my student life so far. McDonald, acting as my library for every subject during study week. Even there are lot of moment to be share, but only this i hav to share:

remember 3packets of sugar and 3packets of creamer for my coffee if u wanna take my heart

my ride.....yg kiri tu actually!!

saya ada kawan yg sentiasa menemani saya sepanjang study week...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ten things i love about my family:
  1. i hav supportive parent
  2. i hav cool and open minded mom and dad
  3. their smile of our success
  4. well known in sibling feel
  5. they taking care each other
  6. they doesnt care bout money between us
  7. each of them hav their talent and point of interest, so they dont give any bored in us.
  8. education support of sister
  9. boys talk and toys of little brother
  10. entertainment of little sister
whateva i do, i'll try my best for them... i love my family.