Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I miss you LEVI'S.

I miss u lot digital watch. U always by my side in my life before, since i lost u, i feel empty in my hand.. x caye tngok la gmbar2 nie, msti ade jam tu kt tangan...T_T

Punca kehilangan, tyme aku solat kt hentian genting, aku tertingal kt ctu,huhu.. Mcm mane la aku bleh leka, pasnie nk jaga jam elok2...

p/s ada bnyak lagi gmbar2, tp x larat nk upload.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

play yr life correctly?

you, yeah you... i believe u will read this. act i'm not satisfy with the way u play on. Anything u wanna say to me? just tell me directly either u hate, love, or whateva to me. i could give my short time to explain it to you. STOP bothering my friends especially my best frenz, and siblings... Think again, "did the u play with yr life correctly?"...

I know u kinda of rich background guy, i know u r in the future platform which i dreams of, i know u kinda show off all yr special knowledge with public, i know u kinda of person that follow yr heart "incorrectly", i know how the way u think and feel coz i had been in yr shoes the day before..

you... no need to ask or tell anything anything bout me to others, no need to talk much like u know everything in the things that u exited of, no need to put yrself higher than u aspect coz people outside there could pull u down, no need to put myself higher than than the others, dont let the environmental and yr passion bring u to the wrong way, dont let me tell the through, dont force someone to be in yr life when they not worthwhile for it, and dont be SKEMA BADUT.

Please....change yrself FRIEND.