Thursday, June 4, 2009

I hate myelf

Can't describe what happen to me.. i hate bored life. wanna do something but donno what. it make me lazy, hot temp, uncontrol emotion, useless.. what happen to me?

STRESS for sure, sitting at home without any usefull activities. television, internet, radio and i'm getting bored of them. money?doesnt have any coz dah BOROS..thats why i
not chill out lepak2. like to eat when i'm in the bad mood, but all the food at home make me lost my appetite. thats y la rmai gurl jelez aku kurus,ahaks~

Like to BEBAI if donno what to do.sory tu NADIA coz kena tempias moody i,huhuhu. she said i BLOM MATANG coz i'm always thinking bout BOSAN im my head
. yeah i x matang, too bored until watching ninja boy and "wonderpet2 kami datang"....but i'm still watching NGEO and discovery channel lahhh..

She is rite.i cant control my emotion lately, not like amir yg dulu. mane pulakkkk nk cari keta back to the future nk jadi amir yg dulu nie coz nk patah balik mase.huaaaaa, my muchuk said i SEWEL... nie suma pasal environment yg bosan gler.

As the environment is getting bored day by day, the lavel of amir's emotion is getting worst. as a conclusion, dont make my surrounding like loser or i will be dante the demon. hypothesis is accepted.

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  1. myb boleh try baca ini... Contengan Jalanan, by Hlovate
    ada masa free, baca la.. =)) no pressure